"What does an MCI tape machine sound like ?. The answer is simple, just buy an album from the 70's or 80's, most likely it was recorded on an MCI machine or MCI console. There's literally a who's who of studios and artists that used MCIs over the company's 25 year span: Eric Clapton, Criteria Recording, The Bee Gees, Muscle Shoals Sound, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. If you listen to music, you HAVE heard MCI before."


At Mercredi 9, we offer professional recording, mixing, and mastering in a comfortable and creative environment. We are equipped with an awe-inspiring ensemble of classic analog recording gear. We also have enough vintage instruments, amps and effects units to tame a Sasquatch and put him on the album too. All of this equipment is spread out over a number of rooms, each with different acoustical attributes and great lines of sight. All in all, recording in this studio is like a voyage on a space ship with a musical playground in it's bowels.

Lafayette : Why Are You

LAFAYETTE's 3rd album. Now as a duet + an additional drummer, their recipe goes straight to the point. One guitar riff, one drum beat and one voice. A dark blues feeling influenced by Detroit's decline.
Recorded in Nashville, the land of this great indie garage sound of the last 4 years (Jack White, The Black Keys, Hanni El Katib,..) by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker) at the Bomb Shelter, his own studio.
Fred Carrayol, parisian master of vintage sound and gears at Studio Mercredi 9, co produced and mixed what is definitly the best album of the band.
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Ribbon Addict : 2 new

Have you ever had a recording session where you just couldn't get a good sound on an instrument that sounded great in the room? It's a really frustrating situation, especially if you've moved the instrument around and tried a battery of different microphones in different positions around the instrument. All ribbon microphones have a figure eight polar pattern, which allows the room to be introduced a little more into the sound. It's also a great polar pattern for rejecting other sounds coming in from the sides. Ribbons can be a lifesaver on sound sources that aren't translating naturally with other microphones. Vocals, strings, and woodwinds that might sound a bit too strident on condensers may shine on a ribbon microphone.Once you're mixing, the smooth high frequencies allow room for a little play with the EQ.
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New Echo Room....

Gold Star Studios is arguably the most famous example of a reverb chamber. Phil Spector made Gold Star his home while recording the early hits of his career, and its reverb chamber played a key role in Phil s infamous Wall of Sound. If other studios included reverb chambers as fringe benefits, Gold Star included it as a downright necessity. A cramped room where elbow room amongst musicians was a legitimate concern, the reverb chamber was the saving grace. In a Mix Magazine article, Larry Lavine testifies to the speaker in the chamber being a cheap 8-inch speaker being picked up by an equally cheap ribbon microphone (bi-directional). The chambers were a mere 2×3 feet, but the cement lining did wonders to enlarge that. You can hear this reverb on The Ronettes Be My Baby, parts of Pet Sounds, and other staples of that era in recording.
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Sony Mxp3000 -36 channels modified: Custom transformer based Normaphones Micpre L1C(Electrical Audio) x16, Fred Forssel channels x5, modules Avalon Design (Preamp.P3 & Eq.M3).

MCI JH24 - 2 inches - 24 tracks

Protools HD2 System with Burl Audio B80 Mothership....

Neumann, Geffell, Coles, Beyer, Akg, ResloSound....

Ampex, Altec, Burl, Vintech, Vintage Design, Chandler....

Urei, Altec, RetroInstruments, EmpiricalLabs, Summit, Chandler....

EMT GoldPlate 240



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